About Me

A freelance photographer.
Edinburgh, born and bred.

As a photographer, I’m passionate about capturing fleeting moments and natural beauty – something I first discovered when snapping wildlife in South Africa and continue to explore in every project I work on.

My creative curiosity and love of photography took me to art school in Edinburgh and then on to London, where I’m currently based, to study at its Institute of Photography. Now, with roots in both cities, I regularly take on work North and South.

From portraiture and content creation to commercial and event photography, I focus my lens on a wide range of subjects and settings. So far, I’ve been able to delve into the worlds of small start-ups to established businesses such as Vodafone and look forward to collaborating with other passionate clients and creative brands.

Beyond my client projects, I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to exhibit my work in solo and joint exhibitions in Edinburgh and London.

Want to get to know my work? Feel free to take a look around.